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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's been WAY too long since I've featured a track from my beloved Sir Doug. I had no idea what he was on about in this song until I googled "Blue Norther" and found this entry in a website that described Texas terms: "BLUE NORTHER. The term blue norther denotes a weather phenomenon common to large areas of the world's temperate zones; a rapidly moving autumnal cold front that causes temperatures to drop quickly and that often brings with it precipitation followed by a period of blue skies and cold weather. What is peculiar to Texas is the term itself. The derivation of blue norther is unclear; at least three folk attributions exist. The term refers, some say, to a norther that sweeps "out of the Panhandle under a blue-black sky" that is, to a cold front named for the appearance of its leading edge. Another account states that the term refers to the appearance of the sky after the front has blown through, as the mid-nineteenth-century variant "blew-tailed norther" illustrates. Yet another derives the term from the fact that one supposedly turns blue from the cold brought by the front. Variants include blue whistler, used by J. Frank Dobie,qv and, in Oklahoma, blue darter and blue blizzard. Though the latter two phrases are found out-of-state, blue norther itself is a pure Texasism. The dramatic effects of the blue norther have been noted and exaggerated since Spanish times in Texas. But that the blue norther is unique to Texas is folklore."

And Mr Doug Sahm was a true Texan indeed. We miss you, amigo with your ability to combine rock n roll, r n b, soul, blues, tex mex all into one big outta site psychedelic stew.

from 1966...


pnk said...

Derek, your ignorance of blue northers reveals you to be the only thing worse than a Yankee, and that's a DAMN YANKEE.

You are lucky that your association with actual Texans may one day help you to someday shed some of this horrible stigma.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit to being, like Derek, a damn yankee, but that doesn't stop me loving this record!

JR Heat Warp said...

From a Texan, coincidentally in the middle of a blue northern, and not so coincidentally, in the Austintown of Doug Sahm, this one is a real treat for the ears. Many thanks.

Retreat From Oblivion said...

I just scored a copy of this, and I will admit I figured the title for a typo, but now consider myself schooled - a great Doug Sahm track, previously unheard to these ears. Damn, he cut a lot of great records!

raresoulman said...

Hi derek, it was this article on your site when i first heard this record, it blew me away, couldn't believe my luck when i found you selling it on ebay, and i bought it. ive just started a youtube channel and have put the record up. i would like to put your link and your comments about the record in the descriptionj, but thought i would check with you first. youve got great taste, and at least you know, this way, the record is never lost, its just living somewhere else.

thankyou in advance.

please send me a message on youtube