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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my new 45: pre-orders are 50% sold out!!!!

Thanks to all who have pre-ordered! We're now half way to a complete sell out! Get it while you can.

Pre-order a limited edition (100 copies only) colored vinyl 45 of Derek See's new solo outing, "She Came This Way" + "McQueen (Slight Return)"

US order, postpaid:

International, postpaid:


and also this article in the San Jose Metro


Cali Bangers said...

Derek, i love your site, i go to it almost every day just like your site says haha, but really please don't think there is no one out there who likes what you are doing, with out you i would not have alot of the cool creations i have come up with.

Derek See said...

thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Derek, I love both of these songs - congrats! I hope you're not insulted.....but will I be able to buy MP3's? And while I'm at it - thanks for all of your time & work. I look forward to seeing what you've posted each day.

Derek See said...

Thank you! I'd never be insulted about that! I appreciate that you dig the music. Yes, you can get the tracks on itunes or here dereksee1.bandcamp.com

Johnny said...

Brilliant! Thank you.

Derek See said...

you're welcome and thank YOU.