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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This record is a complete mystery; not only is it the only known release from this mysterious group called F B I, but it also seems to be the only release from the Oakland, CA based Daisy Records.

Whatever the back story, this is a FREAKY double sided psychedelic funk slab. It kinda goes without saying that this record is RARE (like, REALLY rare); however, I'm not one that freaks out on records just because they're 'grails'. There has to be something captivating in the grooves, and this one has IT. Drum breaks, fuzzed-out wah wah'ed guitar, a SUPER bad bass player, excellent group vocals, creative horn charts? Check. Both sides flat out COOK, and there's just no more words needed for these two jams. I'm taking a guess at the year; if you know more, please write.

I won't say how many exactly, but I traded off BOXES of 45's to score this record a few months back. No joke! Granted, they were mostly cheapies, but it helped stock up my pals Allen and Michael's store (Needle To The Groove, San Jose, CA) with 45's for a LONG time.

from c1971...




Holly said...

MOST excellent!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Derek

Graham Clayton said...

Daisy Records was established in mid-1969 as one of the two labels (Legend was the other) for Independent Artists Inc, which was established by Shelly Feinberg, the producer of this FBI disc.

The intro to "Rhythm Trip" reminds me of "Memphis Soul Stew" by King Curtis.