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Saturday, August 26, 2017


A few folks have written asking if I plan on making the tracks downloadable again. The answer to that is no, I'm afraid. However, there are several advantages to the new mode: for one thing, artists + songwriters (or their estates) will make a little $ off of the streaming listens. I'm uploading everything in uncompressed audio, so my transfers are nifty quality (other than the surface noise/ groove wear present on my copies). Also, everything will stay up forever (or at least as long as this is all possible). If you MUST d/l, there are plenty of ways to do it off of youtube, but you'll have to figure that out on your own (hint: it's very easy).

(Originally posted 8/2009)

One of the greatest (and quite possibly THE finest) west coast soul records, this sublime 2 sider is a record I dreamed of owning for a long time, and happily it now resides in a special place in my collection. Sure, the labels may be in rough condition but the record sounds great and I am just glad to have it any any condition, and very happy to share it with everyone here. Part of the fun in collecting records is the anticipation of getting certain ones, and if we had 'em all, there's nowhere else to go (so I don't mind if it takes me many years to get that particular record; it's worth the wait). (2017 addendum: I don't have much at all on my want list these days, and the ones remaining are STILL so tough to find, even after so many years of digging IRL and in the virtual world).

The Seven Souls were formed at the University of Oregon, and were an integrated group who moved south to Los Angeles and were taken under the tutelage of musician/ producer/ pimp Larry Williams who cut this absolutely perfect record with them. Sadly, they only released one other record (OK but not at the 'other worldly' level of this one). The group sported not only two phenomenal lead singers (Ivory Hudson takes the lead on 'I Still Love You", and sax player Henry Moore sings 'I'm No Stranger') but also young Bob Welch (later of the early 70's lineup of Fleetwood Mac which gave us "Sentimental Lady") is playing those righteous, upfront guitar licks.

from 1967...


Also, I'm making my debut behind the 1's and 2's tonight at FUNKY SOLE... LA's greatest soul party, at The Echo. I'm on the patio at 11:00.

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