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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Of course the one recurring theme in music is that of love; for me, the two are one in the same! While I believe in practicing and sharing love every day of the year, I suppose that 2/14 is a fine day to share two soul tracks that epitomize those 'butterfly in the tummy' feelings of love.May all of our days be filled with pure, unfiltered, organic, and genuine love.

(originally posted 10/16/11)

This beautiful song has a rather strange story, and one that is unique to this record (to my knowledge); namely, the same track was released three times, in a span of 4 years, by three separate labels, and under two different group names!

Originally released in 1965 by the Joytones, apparently the producers of the record felt strongly enough about the record to re-release it, hoping for the success that it deserved. Unfortunately, it did not hit the charts on any of its releases.

I believe that it is a Detroit recording, but I may be wrong.

from 1965/1969...


(originally posted 10/27/08)

There's no good way to describe my love affair with the Chicago soul sound of the '60s and early '70s better than whats contained in the grooves. The propulsive motion and swing that's heard in so many Windy City cuts is not only an inspiration, but it's a downright life affirming sound, and it's heard on hundreds and hundreds of superb 45's.

The Dynamic Tints were an extraordinary vocal group that was discovered by musician/ producer/ and Twinight Records A&R talent scout Syl Johnson. While the group penned several of their own sides, this one was written by the incredible session bass player Bernard Reed, whose bubbling style is heard on hundreds of records - some hits (Tyrone Davis - 'Turn Back The Hands Of Time'), but far too many such as this that should have been hits.

There is an underlying sweetness to this record that just hits me straight in the heart; it sounds as though it's beaming down straight from the stars...


Unknown said...

The horns on the Dynamic Tints cut sounds as though they were channeling "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt Unlimited :)

Derek See said...

Not a coincidence! Many of the same musicians are on both tracks.

Unknown said...

Indeed! Chicago had some legendary musicians back then. What a time for Soul music, one of the greatest musical periods ever!