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Thursday, August 16, 2018


(originally posted sometime in 2008)

Rest in power, Lady Soul.

It's a minor miracle that Aretha became the legend that she is; her first six years as a recording artist was filled with a series of mis-steps as a Columbia Records artist. for whatever reasons, Aretha wasn't able to be ARETHA on the majority of her Columbia recordings, which tended to be far to the pop or pop jazz side. Thankfully, once signed to Atlantic Records in early '67, Aretha was able to unleash her greatness onto the world.

However, there were a few Columbia sides that hinted at her majesty; 'Lee Cross', rooted in gospel, is one. Written by her downright awful, abusive first husband (unfortunately), 'Lee Cross' tells the story of a manipulative, philandering man. Aretha delivers the lyric as an all-knowing warning.

from 1964...


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