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Friday, January 9, 2009


While this is one of the most famous blues songs of all time (and for good reason!) by possibly the greatest bluesman of them all, the original 45 take is relatively obscure!

For years, the version recorded 3 years later, live at the Newport fest was the one that was featured on compilations, as well as reissue 45's. All the while the original 45 got rarer and rarer! While the live at Newport version is majestic, too, the original 45 cut is incredible and shows Muddy at his baddest.

from 1957...

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plasticsun said...

I agree that this is a great version - to be honest, I've always thought that the Muddy Waters recordings that I heard on compilations were a bit too "well-mannered" - I always preferred Howlin' Wolf.