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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Written 40 years ago, this masterpiece takes on a special relevance on this historic day. While racial equality is stil a struggle for many, the fact that the leader of the United States is a black man shows the amazing advances society has seen in the last 40 years.

Syl, nothing is holding anyone back anymore.


from 1969...


the family cat said...

In 1963 Leiber-Stoller wrote a song for the Drifters called Only in America but no radio staion would touch it because of the line "only in America a boy can become President".
In the end Jay & the Americans recorded it and it then charted

Derek See said...
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Derek See said...

To those racists who have left obnoxious hate comments that I immediately delete (of course they are always "anonymous" like the low lifes who wear hoods.

1) Stay away from this blog, please. You are officially uninvited to my party.

2) Obama is certainly qualified to be a leader. Was George W. Bush? Hell no.

3) F%$# you and your racism.

the family cat said...

What we now need in the U K is a black Prime Minister.
I nominate KENNY LYNCH who is famous in Beatles circles.
He doesn't need to know about politics as Gordon Brown doesn't either

ana-b said...

Did Syl Johnson ever do a bad song?...i'm really starting to wonder..

interesting that the label shows this was produced, arraigned, and presumably played on by Pieces Of Peace, which i only know from their, Pass It On...

way to tell off the fools!..i find it hard to imagine why anyone with an IQ below 70 would even be interested in this blog..


grandpaterry said...

I agree 100% it's time for change.

I can't believe some people elected G.W.B. to a 2nd term!!!

That's still too much for my little head.