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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Although the biographical information is pure fantasy (Fred Hughes was born in Oakland, CA) I love the novel-like lyrics of this song!


from 1970...



LV said...

thanks for this absolute classic song..i love your blog :)

Tony said...

Really cool tune!

Great work Derek, keep it up!
(from a First time - but not last-visitor)

joeknapp said...

Actually, Fred Hughes was born in Arkansas. He moved to Los Angeles and formed his own band, The Creators. According to this website: http://freddiehughes.blogspot.com, Fred Hughes is often confused with Freddie Hughes, an Oakland, California recording artist, and Castlemont High School graduate. Fred Hughes has a different style. Freddie Hughes recorded on occasion with a local Oakland Group, The Ballads, and he shared a producer with The Whispers. He recorded Send My Baby Back with Wand records. He also recorded I Just Found Out with Janus records. Fred Hughes never recorded with Wand nor Janus. Fred Hughes also recorded a couple of minor Billboard hits, Oo Wee Baby I Love You on Vee-Jay 684, and You Can't Take It Away on Vee-Jay 703, both in 1965.