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Thursday, April 9, 2009


I had a hard time finding info about this Latino soul group until I found their myspace page, of which the bio I have quoted below is borrowed from, verbatim.

This a great two sided record; the 'a" side, "Love", is a gorgeous ballad, while side "b" is a funky monster, borrowing liberally from the great Motown track "You Need Love Like i Do".

I am GUESSING at the year...

from c1969...


"The Jives story began in 1964 with a simple jam session in the living room. Lead singer Charlie Miller was just 11 years old! Brothers Donnie and Albert Miller accompanied him on guitar and saxophone, while neighborhood buddies and brothers Rudy and Barney Magana filled the drum and trumpet duties. The elder of the group Tony Gomez, thier uncle who played bass, assembled and managed the band into a viable act. From rock classics to Mexican corridos and everything in between, The Jives versatility was a reflection on their bi-cultural influence in El Paso, Texas. Clearly they were the West Texas counterparts of Sunny Ozuna's Sunliners and Little Joe Hernendez's Latinaries, who enjoyedthe bigger Texas notoriety in what would later be dubbed the Tejano music scene. Between 1967 and 1970 The Jives recorded for albums for San Antonio's Legendary Teardrop records. An additional LP recored late in their career, unfortunately was lost. The intrest and demand for their recordings is a testament to their legacy and justifies their place in Texas recording history. Credit has been long overdue. George Reynoso- All That Music-El Paso"


Doctor Okeh said...

great share D , many thx!

Doctor Okeh said...

great share D , many many thx!!!!