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Sunday, November 14, 2010


Made up of three Drew sisters (Patti, Erma, & Micki) plus one fella (Carlton Black), Evanston, IL's Drew-Vels simply had too-short of a career which comprised only four singles. All of their sides show off those beautiful family/sisterly close harmonies and Patti's rich, sexy voice (Patti later cut some excellent solo singles including the hit 'Workin' On A Groovy Thing' but her career was allegedly cut short due to a drug problem).

I love the breezy, Caribbean-like groove that was so popular in Chicago soul at the time, and the simple, direct nature of the song that seemingly ends just as it begins begging to be played more than once!

from 1964...


Anonymous said...

Nice side DC thanks for posting. How good is the studio mix? It's a shame so little is known about the production teams on these sessions.

Jem said...

Very nice. Thank you!