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Monday, November 22, 2010


There's plenty of serendipity involved in today's entry. While I was researching this record (which I love but knew nothing about) I came across some very valuable info here. Not only was I happy to see some info that related this record to Jimmy Dobbins (I featured his "Little Miss Perfect" on this blog a few years back- turns out Ray & Dave sing the harmonies on THAT record), but also that the post linked back to MY blog and the Jimmy Dobbins post!

As for the record, it's yet another one of those records from what is possibly my favorite soul city; Chicago. While it was a local hit, for some reason it never broke through nationally. A travesty, as the record has it all; strong hooks, great lyrics, creative arrangement, and those heavenly voices of Ray & Dave.

As this is Thanksgiving week, I will say it again- I am so thankful that music like this was made and that we have ears to hear it.

from 1966...


DaveO said...

Another great record.. thanks! I like the soul-source.co.uk site as well.. a good find!

Just came across a great 45 today.. Do you know the John Wesley and the Four Tees 45 on Melic records? 'You Still Need me' b/w 'It's the Talk of the Town'. Really nice vocal group soul. I think they did a few 45's ('I Could Never Love Another' as the Four Tees on Kent is one other gem) but couldn't find much about them.

Wumpus said...

Great tune!

And here I thought this was going to be a Kinks post.

Mr.W said...

Wow! Love those harmonies- what a fantastic record - making my day!
Thankyou ...