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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dee Clark's records tend to be on the poppier end of pop-soul, but something about this record is just so beautifully compelling to me, and as summer is coming to a close it especially sounds good. Sadly, even though this Chicago soul legend scored a massive crossover hit with "Raindrops", he was virtually penniless at the time of his death in 1990, and was still working one nighters, even after suffering a stroke in 1987. It's truly heartbreaking to hear stories like this about musicians who give so much pleasure from entertainment in their lives, and suffer at the hands of a worthless medical system in the United States. Human beings truly deserve better.

This record showcases the genius arranging talents of Johnny Pate; a name that, when it graces a label, almost always guarantees a fantastic sound. I especially love the intro; it has that feel as though the song starts already in progress, and the fantastic vocals and twangy 6-string bass/ baritone guitar line is just too cool.

from 1964...



An Indian said...

WOW!! My heart is touched. On my 5th listen. Such timeless music. Many years from now this will sound as pleasing as this sounds right now to me. Maybe I will revisit this post someday.

Oh and this my first comment on here and I cant tell how much respect and appreciation I hold for you Mr. Derek. More power to you!

Derek See said...

THANK you very much.