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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


With names such as Eugene Record, Carl Davis, and Gerald Sims on the label, a record is almost guaranteed to be a winner. This one is no exception.

I still don't know any more about Lee Charles since the last time I posted one of his tracks. here's what I wrote previously:
Even though he released a handful of 45's and worked with one of Chicago's heaviest hitters and a name that pops up around here quite often (Gerald Sims), little is known about Lee Charles.

Lee's vocals strike me as having a strong southern grit; perhaps he was a southerner transplanted to Chicago, or perhaps it was another case of the ubiquitous gospel background?

from 1969...


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Gary's 45s said...

According to Joel Whitburn's book, HOT R&B SONGS 1942-2010/6TH EDITION, Lee Charles was born in Detroit (his biggest Billboard chart single was 1968's "Standing On The Outside" (# 41), the flip of "If That Ain't Loving You")