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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Even though this record was released by Wand Records (New York City), the piston-like snare drum and swirling strings are undoubtedly Detroit.

Diane Lewis is sister to Pat Lewis, and the sisters started their musical careers together in The Adorables while they were still in high school. While Pat released a slew of great solo records, Diane released a mere three.

I would make no stakes that this is an earth shattering composition, but the SOUND and Diane's sweet, lovely vocals make for a very pleasant listen; I can't get enough of this Detroit sound, personally!

from 1968...


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Anonymous said...

Nice one Derek,thanks. Ticks all my Northern Soul/Motown boxes. Lovely sound.

Chris Frost said...

Derek have you heard - MARION CHRISTOPHER - I THANK YOU JESUS - CHRIST RECORDS CR-1. It uses the same backing track as this but is obviously a gospel tune. Production credits are Herman Griffin and writing credits are Jackson-Griffin. It has part 1 on A side and features Marion singing the verse backed with a choir like chorus singing the title in the background. Part 2 on B side is the same exact backing track but a real gospel choir (Mt Zion Community Youth Choir) praising the lord!!!
I have played this out a few times and no one has ever heard it before. Never seen it listed or mentioned anywhere but it is a great track to play when I am looking for something a little different in my DJ sets.
Chris Frost