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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


After a stint in the army in the early 1950's, Bobby Bland (and his producers at Duke records) brought a newfound sophistication to blues, which was crucial in the development of soul music. Bobby released dozens and dozens of excellent singles and LP's throughout his career, and his records in the sixties were an excellent example of the fine line that was straddled between blues, soul, r&b and, yes, even pop (just listen to the fantastic, catchy horn chart here). No matter the material, Bobby's voice was always one of the finest in the land, and he could emote a lyric in a way that he's practically living within the track.

I featured a handful of his records early on in this blog, but never got around to this great side. Bobby left Duke records (his home for nearly 20 years at that point) for ABC/Dunhill shortly after this release, where he saw his greatest commercial success with "His California Album".

from 1971...


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