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Sunday, September 2, 2012


The amount of 45's that were cut during the '60's and '70's is downright staggering; many artists were given multiple shots for hits, and seemingly nearly as many had one release. Sweet voiced Sunday Williams is in the latter category, and this Chicago productions (unusually released on an L.A label that I've never seen any other releases from) is a very sweet track.

Sunday delivers her vocal with charm and confidence throughout a song that simply feels GOOD; an excellent track the last days of summertime.

from 1969...



Jay Schiavone said...

Weird cut-out trick. Are there many 45s with black circles on the label? Was this intended to obscure the catalogue number? Weird.

Derek See said...

first I've ever seen; I am guessing it is to denote that this was a promotional copy.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Red Balloon is a Chicago label, despite what it says on the label. I'm aware of two other release on Red Balloon by Chicago group The Ledgends. The sides are "Gotta Let You Go/Something to Remember You By" and the much more rare single "Fool For You/Fear Not". Sunday Williams also recorded under just the name "Sunday" and released one record on Alteen. The record was a big hit locally in Chicago and got picked up by Chess. I believe the record you've posted was supposed to be a followup to that success although I think the single flopped.