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Friday, December 28, 2012


Betty Wright's story is unbelievable; a TRUE life in music!

Born in Miami in 1953, Betty's debut musical performance was in 1956(!), singing with family gospel group The Echoes Of Joy. The group continued on until 1965; after the breakup, an 11 year old Betty switched to secular music. She began releasing records under her own name in '66 (including the amazing "Paralyzed" from 1967), and incredibly also worked A&R (she discovered George & Gwen McCrae).

Betty continued to release some excellent singles (including the amazing double sider 'Sweet Lovin' Daddy/ "Girls Can't Do What The Guys Can Do") throughout the late '60's, and she cut her massive hit, 'Clean Up Woman" in '71. All this before her 18th birthday!!!!

Follow up hits didn't come easy, although she released some records that proved to be incredibly influential (and massively sampled) later in 1990's hip hop. This track, catchy as can be and written by Betty herself, SHOULD have been a massive hit. While it leans into disco territory (which is just fine by me), the songwriting stays strong and is capped by a wonderful vocal.

Betty is still active in music, mostly lending her talent as a vocal coach to other singers. I sincerely hope that they appreciate the great gift they are being given by this amazing lady.

from 1977...



TheCzarsOf45 said...

A superb slice of mid tempo soul. The vocal is typical Betty Wright, sweet and powerful. Love Betty's many fine records through her career. And while she kept to her classic values and sound, she also was willing to modernize her sound. You must hear the classic "No Pain, No Gain" and hear the Rap long version, her Rap solo even is soulful. An Amazing Woman, then and now. No other like her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Derek - nothing wrong with the best of disco or any music that makes you want to get up and dance. It was nice hearing something by Betty that I'd never heard before.