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Saturday, March 2, 2013


Along with Hoss Allen's The !!!! Beat, Shindig, as hosted by the ultra-cool DJ Jimmy O'Neill, were the two greatest music programs of the '60's.

For two glorious years ('65-'66), Shindig broke ground not only as a cutting-edge, hip program, but one that also featured a racially integrated house band, and one that brought black singers into prime time in a way that was respectful and FUN.

The Shindogs were the house band, and they backed up many of the artists who appeared on the show. The group was loaded with a revolving door of heavy talents such as Glen Campbell, Delaney Bramlett, Leon Russell (pre-beard), Billy Preston, James Burton (and plenty of others).

Thankfully, The Shindogs were able to cut their own ACE 45, which I proudly present today as a bit of a late tribute to Jimmy O'Neill who passed away in January of this year.

The British Invasion-inspired beat is irresistible here, the vocals are superb, and once the guitar break hits, the song transports us all back to 1965, and I for one don't plan on coming back.

from 1965...



Morgan Young said...

Is that Doyle on vocals? I have one of their WB singles: Someday, Someday, which is a glorious piece of pop.

Will said...

The Shindogs were NOT the house band. They were featured on almost every episode from 65 till the end. The house band consisted of a revolving membership led by Ray Pohlman from the Wrecking Crew who was the chief arranger. Jerry Cole was featured a lot on guitar Famed writer and producer Russ Titleman played rhythm guitar,drums were handled originally by Ritchie Frost from Ricky Nelsons band and Leon Russell on piano. The horn section was led by Jim Horn.The Shindogs were great though, they were the producers answer to an american long haired combo .As time went on Delaney Bramlett started combing his hair down as did Chuck Blacwell the drummer. Glen Hardin and James Burton kept their hair back but Joey Cooper the front man always had the Brian Jones look. By the way Mike Bloomfield was originally asked to be the guitarist before Burton but turned it down to go with Butterfield and play the blues.

Ratfinkie said...

I picked up this 45 at Rokie Ricardo's in S.F.