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Saturday, March 16, 2013


While Titus Turner's greatest claims to fame were the writing and co-writing two r&b classics (namely, writing "All Around The World"- a massive hit for Little Willie John, then co-writing "Leave My Kitten Alone" with Little Willie John himself, as well as "Sticks & Stones", cut by Ray Charles and several others), Titus Turner's own recording career spanned from 1951 until 1970, and he left behind a handful of straight r&b, "answer" records, mostly in response to Lloyd Price hits.

If you've been hangin' around here for a while, you KNOW that I love these 90 MPH, hopped up and intense r&b joints, and this one does NOT disappoint. From the opening drum roll, funky horns, then some downright RIGHTEOUS call and response female vocals, a NASTY sax solo, this record has it all; a guaranteed arse-shaker.

from 1965...



Sid from London said...

Hi Derek.

Love your blog, which I visit on a daily basis. No download link on this one?


DrunkenHobo said...

There is a download link, far right top of the player. Thanks I love the Rockers you post.