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Thursday, November 16, 2017


(originally posted 6/19/2008)

Here's what I wrote originally:

Phew, is THIS one red hot mystery record! It's a Chicago release, and I'm gonna guess it was released around 1965. Haven't been able to find any info about the artist at all (other than he cut a few more sides, but in the mid-'70's). Just when you think they cant possibly cook any more, they throw in the whoa whoa whoas and we're left picking up a roomful of rubble from the devastation.

One of the coolest things about all of my years featuring records on this blog was when the artists or their relatives would contact me. Shortly after the posting, I received these messages:

"This Is my GrandFather his stage name was Jimmy Dobbins but everyone knew him as Jimmy Brown, He is Deceased now, he died in 1995 My name is Devin Brown and i inherited his amazing vocals"

"He was Born 1945 in Jackson Mississippi,
But after he Graduated from High he moved to Gary Indiana, which is where he met my Grandmother, and they moved to Chicago thus, My uncle, Jimmy Brown Jr. was born,1967, then My Mother, Jaconna Brown was Born in 1969.Most of the love songs he made were dedicated to my grandmother"

Pretty cool, huh?

from 1965...


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