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Sunday, November 12, 2017


(originally featured early on in this blog, sometime in 2007)

Happy birthday Neil! Such an inspiration to so many of us. Whether he's pulling at our heart strings with a gorgeous acoustic ballad, blowing the roof off with Crazy Horse, gettin' freaky with a vocoder, or kicking out a freakbeat side such as this, Neil RULES.

On it's own, 'Mr Soul' is one of THE classic '60's rock n roll tracks; of course it was heavily influenced by 'Satisfaction', but Neil and the Springfield take it someplace entirely different; the alienation of stardom, which is a world that Neil has revisited several times in his career. Dewey Martin clearly shows off his soul fanaticism with a drum performance that's straight outta Stax, Bruce Palmer freaks out on bass, and the three guitarist/ vocalist, driven by talent and ego, turn in a performance for the ages.

Even cooler is that the 45 features an alternate guitar solo that is less 'to the gut' and more tripped out psychedelia.

from 1967...


Bonus! Here are two other examples of Neil 45's with a different mix ('Cinammon Girl'), and an exclusive live performance ('Last Trip To Tulsa')

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