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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In the long line of "message" records (such as "Too Much Monkey Business", f'rinstance) Joe Tex eloquently handles the drudgery of the work day in this classic about, well, being free.

This was released shortly before his breakthrough crossover hit, "Hold What You've Got" and for some reason this record is almost impossible to find! It's well worth the hunt, though (I gladly settled for a less than clean copy, and there is a little spot towards the end where the studio gets muffled for a few seconds. I did my best to make it sound good, although I never use any kind of digital editing/ trickery. I just do my best to present what these platters sound like.)

This is one of those songs that epitomizes soul music, with its' strong gospel-meets-hard-rhythm sound.

from 1963...



ana-b said...

what a great tune!

i'm glad you don't try to clean up the records digitally....personally speaking, i'd rather hear the nastiest of scratches rather than lose the dynamics of the vinyl....even when they're poor..

you, and others like you who post vinyl rips, do much to save this poor girl from living on the streets...i have, at times, bought records rather than eat...[no joke]..


pujwa said...

I reallt have listen to Joe Tex most of my life. Oddly my grandmother turned me on to Joe. She love the song "Meet me in Church. I have to admit it's on of my favorites of his. Thanks for posting this, haven't heard it in a while.