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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here's an absolute classic L.A soul track; quite possibly my favorite west coast soul tune ever!

Unspeakably hard to find and super desirable, original copies easily grab a thousand bucks. My copy is the UK issue from the early 70's when it became a massive hit on the nascent northern soul scene. What a great record!0

from 1967...



Hip Priest said...

I'd love to have seen them filling the floor at Wigan Casino to this.

Great blog. Do you have a copy of a 45 from 1974 called "Give The Women What They Want" by Gene Dozier & The United Front? The BBC radio DJ John Peel used to play it occasionally, but I'm finding a digital copy very difficult to come by.

Keep up the good work.

Hip Priest said...

Speaking of the great John Peel has just reminded me of another recording I'm searching for: "So Much in Love" by The Mighty Avengers. Released on Decca sometime in the mid-1960s, I think. Anyway it was one of the 45s Peelie used to spin on special occasions. It's almost bubblegum, but also has quite a groove going on.