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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Featuring superb singer General Johnson (later of Chairmen Of The Board and "Give Me Just A Little More Time" fame) this anthem was recorded at a time that too many clueless music historians write off as the time between Elvis going in the army and the British Invasion music "died".

Give me a break! Look at all the greatness of 1960-1964. The birth of Motown! Girl groups! Amazing r&b from New Orleans, Atlantic records! The birth of the Beach Boys! I could go on, but this song says it all.

General, originally from Virginia but relocated to new Orleans, was only 18 years old when he wrote and cut this track, which hit twice (1961 and 1964). A few months ago I featured "Our Love Will grow", a later gem from the Showmen.

from 1961...



stewart reynolds said...

Couldn't agree more: I'm in the UK and during 1960-64 homegrown music was DIRE!!
It Will Stand is one of my favourites in my collection, and it's B-side Country Fool is equally good.
Another Showmen classic I like is 'The Wrong Girl'

oldrocker99 said...

"It Will Stand" has been my theme intro and outro at wcniradio.org (the OLD WAVE SHOW, Sundays, 1900-2200 GMT) for 25+ years. It WILL stand!