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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In one of the most tragic losses in music, 50 years ago today Buddy Holly (along with Richie Valens and the Big Bopper) were killed in a senseless airplane crash in the middle of a miserable, grueling tour that Buddy was undertaking because his former manager had basically ripped off royalty and publishing money that was due to Buddy. An utter tragedy.

The music of Buddy Holly was so advanced and ahead of its time and he was THE true gentleman of fifties rock n roll. Coming from bigoted Lubbock, TX, Buddy made great strides for equality (in fact, when he brought Little Richard home for dinner, his mother said "no way is this man coming into our home", to which Buddy replied "if you don't allow my friend inside, I will stop coming here", not to mention his interracial marriage to Maria Elena that made waves almost everywhere.)

In this track, Buddy overdubbed his vocals on top of one another in harmony (another innovation) and in the sound and feel of this track, became the beacon of the British Invasion (the Beatles truly picked up Buddy's torch). I make it a point to, every day, if not listen to some of his music, pick up a guitar and play one of his songs.

I can only imagine the brilliance he would have achieved had he lived.

of special note to record geeks- Notice my scan is from the British pressing. I sought out a UK pressing because I wanted to have the same issue that the Beatles had!

from 1957...



phil said...

love the fact you had to have the englanders version cause of the beatles. makes me realise i ain't the only one.

Stuart Shea said...

well, this is a marvelous record, of course...thank you for it and for the magnificent scan.