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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In keeping with the English tradition of finding an obscure American r&b tune and reworking it, this Welsh group hit a high note on this, their very first 45.

"Heart Trouble" is the rarest of all of the pre-Funkadelic Parliaments 45's (this song was also re-written a few years later as "You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure" by Funkadelic); how they got a copy of this in the UK at the time, who knows. Legend has it that sailors brought the records over, but I almost would venture to say there were ultra-hip record store stocking desriable imports even at this time.

The Eyes Of Blue released one more soul-based single, then went prog.

from 1967...



Anonymous said...

Fine tune. Sad to hear they went prog - that tends to be a terminal condition. Thanks. W.

Dereck said...

Great song. Thanks for posting it.

the family cat said...

Really the answer's quite simple-publishers demos are sent to London on the principle that "throw enough mud at the wall..."
This is how some U K artists did the only available recording if their A & R managers brought enough of these acetates back and it was offered around.Which is how Helen Shapiro got Tell me what he said-the U S version was actually a flop.
Its been going on since the early 50s when Lita Rosa put out Two hearts two kisses-a week before the Pat Boone version hit the shops