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Sunday, February 8, 2009


As legend has it, this song was cut because a Frank Sinatra session was cancelled at the last minute, and the orchestra was already booked. Also it's been said that after this record went out of print it would sell for $50 in New York record stores in the late sixties. Not sure if either of these legends are true or not, but producer Jerry Ragovoy achieved an epic production on this track.

From Philadelphia, Lorraine Ellison had a relatively small discography, but what a voice!

from 1966...



ana-b said...

interesting that this was released on Warner Bros...cause i know the song from a comp of Loma label records..

and now that i look, it's not shown in the Loma discography.....hmmmm, i guess somebody decided to fudge things a bit...

great record, gives me chills every time i hear it..

Anonymous said...

This really is one of the great soul records. A real masterpiece. The English band the Ferris Wheel did a pretty incredible cover circa 1968. W.

Russell said...

In answer to ana-b's comments, a number of recordings that should have been put out on Loma were actually released on the parent label, WB. This is because Loma had little in the way of promotional budget. If a track was deemed superior and offered a greater chance of commercial success, then it was given to WB to push.

For more on Loma records see my site Discography of Loma Records