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Sunday, April 18, 2010


There are some days when I wake up and know exactly what I'm gonna feature, whereas on other days I search through files or simply hit random on my 45's in reserve playlist.

I'm supposed to be on a flight back to the USA at this moment, but mother nature had other plans. Sad that I probably won't be home for my girlfriend's birthday, I really wasn't even feeling like posting today.

However, my random playlist turned up this gem that made it all seem a little bit better. A superb, deep soul track from a very fine duo; the same fellas that brought us "Harlem Shuffle"

Once again, a beautiful song from the past takes a bit of melancholy away.

I wasn't planning on featuring this one while I was away so sorry, no label scan. For those that are interested, it was released on the great Mirwood label out of L.A.

from 1964...



degraaff said...

Hi Derek, Whenever I turn on the PC, your blog is the first place I go. Thanks for sharing all that great music, day after day! I love this uplifting Bob & Earl song, especially the way it ends.

Here's hoping you'll get a flight home soon...


wilfofhove said...

Beautiful song, D. Thanks so much.
Where are you stuck exactly? Given volcano juice and everything...All best, Jon, Hove, UK

Derek See said...

thanks to both of you for the kind words. I am stuck in Paris, which if you're gonna be stuck somewhere, its a great place to be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting home! W.

wilfofhove said...

Hi Derek. Hoping all's OK with you. Just to say that, if you find yourself stuck in the UK and need a place to crash for the night, just holler. We'll find room for you and all your records in Brighton, assuredly. Good luck, buddy.

Jem said...

Great record. Thank you!