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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Even though "LeBaron" is listed as this record's producer, the production screams of George Clinton; and no surprise, either as he brought this one back a year later, revamped it a little bit and renamed it "Friday Night August 14" on Funkadelic's second album.

Here we find JJ putting the lyric through one hell of a workout, wrenching the song to the bone. I also would not be surprised if it's the Funkadelic band providing backing here. Sure sounds like them!

from 1969...



Jem said...

Excellent, excellent record! I think this is the best thing I've heard from J j Barnes. Amazing vocals. Great guitar work and when the Sax kicked in...Whoa!
Thank you.

ana-b said...

Great one! Now I need to find a copy.

In my opinion, the instrumental track for this song is Clinton & Co. But if that's so, then it was recorded earlier than 1969...possibly with Barnes' vocal added later.

By 1969, Clinton had long been in court with LeBaron Taylor [owner of Revilot], battling over the group's contract.

As far as I know, the group supplied no new material to the label in either 68 or 69.


pwr2thepeopleman said...

this does sound like funkadelic

funk tone said...

great song!