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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Great record stores of France!

Just returned from a lovely trip to France, part work, part play! Found some excellent record stores along the way.

First off, in Paris there is CROCODISC (40 Rue Des Ecoles), which can easily be added to the 20 best record stores I've visited anywhere. It consists of two store fronts in the lovely Luxembourg area of Paris (after spending about 3 hours digging there I grabbed a pizza and sat in a lovely park: Jardin du Luxembourg!). The gentlemen working were extrememly friendly, and when I asked if they had any more collectable 45's, they took me to their overstock room in the basement , and also let me go through a large box that hadn't been priced! Purchased almost 50 45's from them, as well. Visited a few others in Paris but none worth mentioning.

In the incredibly charming village of Strasbourg, there are two, both located on the street Rue Grand that are essential. First off is Occase Oncle Tom at 119 Grand Rue. Lots of CD's on the main floor, and the vinyl is upstairs. The gentleman working was very friendly and between my very limited grasp of French phrases and his simple English, we had a fun time and he showed me some great "back room" items (including some gorgeous Ray Charles, Beatles and Troggs French EP's). Incredible selection of LP's as well

Down the road on Grand Rue is "Needles Et Pins" (49 Grand Rue) run by a very friendly man who speaks very fluent English, and was also kind enough to show me more back room goodies. For those who say the French are rude to Americans, there is no doubt that it is caused by a poor attitude on the part of the American. In the 5 cities we were in, I didn't experience any rudeness whatsoever, but a kindness and generosity that was inspiring!

1 comment:

ana-b said...

Four of my favorite things in the world in a single post!

1. Finding a new record store
2. Getting to hunt through the back room
3. Digging through a box of unpriced new arrivals
4. Getting home with a stack of new records

Oh yeah, eating pizza in the park is right up there too.