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Friday, March 18, 2011


First recorded in the fifties by Detroit doo-woppers the Raves (of which Derek Martin was a member), this version was recorded ten years after it was written by the great Otis Blackwell, once again by Martin but this time as a solo artist. Perhaps the song was on his mind as one he could wax the definitive version of (which he did); this is the type of record that should make you stop in your tracks and wither let your jaw hang in awe or simply start shakin' it.

Like so many others, I first heard this as covered by the Who, in their maximum r&b era, and was also mentioned during one of John Lennon's guest DJ sets where he spun his favorite 45's (a highly inspirational set for this writer that put me on the hunt for r&b for life). Those fellas had great taste, and The Who cut a blazing version as well; however, nothing comes close to the delicious call and response female vocals gettin' it on with Martin's spirited lead, matched with a band that swings so hard it HURTS.

from 1963...


C. von Grumpy said...

My all time fave, thanks!

Anonymous said...

such a groove. i remember purchasing this beauty while in high school. has it all. thanks derek.

gary j

Anonymous said...

I first heard this on the soundtrack to the film 'Sexy Beast' and instantly fell for it. Great choice mate. Richard SE23.

Anonymous said...

"First recorded in the fifties by Detroit doo-woppers the Raves"

I thought that the 1962 recording by Jimmy Ricks & The Raves (Atco 6220) was Derek Martins first recording of the song? And that the first recording was Otis Blackwell's own?

Damn fine tune, whatever the history! Phil Alvin did a very good version on 'Unsung Stories' in 1986.

Chippy said...

Thanks. First discovered this track by The Who which led me onto the Otis Blackwell original, but it seems The Who where covering this version of the song