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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I've been a fan of this eccentric English folkie-with-the-rock-n-roll-verve for many years, but only recently became aware of this single when it turned up in a box lot of records that I scored (I have since learned this was tacked on to the CD reissue of his 2nd LP, but as I don't buy CD's unless absolutely necessary, I missed out on that).

This was even more of a pleasant surprise when I slapped it on the turntable, as apparently it's Roy's attempt (probably under the influence of producer Shel Talmy) to create a commercial, beat oriented single. The results are spectacular, featuring Roy's always excellent vocals and acoustic guitar matched with some mildly swinging backing on top of an excellent song.

Even stranger that this was even released in the USA, as this was his first and only US release until 1969 (neither of his first 2 LP's saw a US release).

I think EVERYBODY is ready for some Spring; right?

from 1967...

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