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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While this was Donny Hathaway's first release as a credited artist, he was no neophyte. After leaving Howard University (where he was studying music) in 1967, Hathaway went to Chicago where he began working as an arranger, songwriter and session musician. Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield became tight, so it should be no surprise that his debut single was cut as a duet with Mayfield protege June Conquest.

And what a glorious debut it was; tragically, Hathaway was dead at his own hand a short decade later after releasing some stunningly beautiful music. And for that, I thank YOU, Donny.

from 1969...


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful song...thank you for sharing your love of music with us.

soulexcursions said...

Beautiful song from one of my all-time favorite singers! Thanks for sharing this!

By the way, would love to link blogs with you: soulexcursions.blogspot.com/

Love your blog!

Teiresias said...

That is one hell of a record ...