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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I heard the sad news yesterday that Lattimore Brown has died. The man, who was believed to have died in the 80's, survived not only a violent attack and robbery in recent years, but also the horrors of Hurricane Katrina taking away his home and wife in Biloxi, MS.

Lattimore was not only a veteran of the chitlin' circuit, but also both the Korean and Vietnam wars.

Amazingly, Lattimore was discovered alive a few years back thanks to a hospital nurse who googled a patient's name and came across my friend Jason Stones "Stepfather Of Soul' blog and emailed him, asking about Lattimore Brown who turned out to be alive! Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of another blogger "The Soul Detective" Red Kelly, Lattimore was able to tell his life story, perform on stage and record a few more sides.

I love the out and out party vibe of this record; a perfect way to celebrate the life of this musician who had been EVERYWHERE.

Read lots more about Lattimore Brown HERE

from 1961...



Greg Wilker said...

well, ding diddle.. mediafire is proving to be less accompanying then DivShare... can't hear, get or otherwise access the file. :-(

Anonymous said...

I must give this a listen, thanks so much. (and mf link works fer me)
- jim in mississauga