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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I know very little about this record; what I do know is that it was recorded at the legendary Tera Shirma studios in Detroit, and was picked up for national release by ABC records.

In addition to the great vocals by the unknown Samson & Delilah, I love the arrangement with killer organ, baritone sax and fuzz guitar all popping along throughout the song, and an unexpected and fantastic quick bass guitar break.

I'd sure love to know more about this record if anyone knows.

from 1967...



ana-b said...

Ya know, I've been keeping my eyes open for info on this group for two years now, and I've still got nada.

Seems crazy, especially after all the attention "There's A DJ In Your Town" got post-Brainfreeze.

Any chance "DJ" was also recorded in Detroit? It's on a Nashville label associated with Shelby Singleton.

Derek See said...

I almost wonder if it's a different band, Ana...

ana-b said...

Naw, it's def the same group.

The owner of Black Prince [the label which "DJ" is on] was an associate of Shelby Singleton. I can't remember his name, but he had major contacts in the Midwest. There was an Imperial Wonders 45 issued on Black Prince.

I was just wondering if the singles on Black Prince were leased out of Detroit or whether the groups were brought to Nashville to record. Thought you might know given that you have info on where "Will You Be Ready" was recorded.

ana-b said...

Actually here's something I posted as a comment when some asked me about Samson and Delilah last year.

"Samson and Delilah just isn't a name to do a web search on unless your a serious fan of Victor Mature."

That makes me laugh every time I read it.

Truth is, I hardly know anything about the group. There are a handful of other singles around, as far as I know. I've only heard one other beside the two I've posted.

I think they may have been from Ohio, and if not there, then somewhere else in the midwest. The first pressing of "Will You Be Ready" was on a Detroit label, and even though Black Prince was a Nashville label, it's owner, Warren Lanier, is known to have spent time looking for talent in Ohio. One of the other groups on the label were the Imperial Wonders out of Cleveland.

I'm pretty sure Samson & Delilah recorded into the 80's...and I think maybe there's an album from the mid/late 70's ???

Other than that, I think this was the only single they released on this label. probably in '69. Warren Lanier shut down Black Prince in '70.

Oh yeah, it may be that Lanier had second thoughts about shutting down Black Prince because this record was pressed again later, on the Indigo label.

That's it, that's all I know.