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Monday, September 12, 2011


For our wedding guests, Angeline & I put together a comp CD of our favorite tracks that are all about love. Not all gooey and mushy, either!

We humorously fought over what was gonna be on it, and we finally pared it down to 80 minutes.

Frankly, it's too good not to share with the world, so for all of our friends (and if you are checking out this site, we consider YOU a friend) here's our gift to you. Hope you enjoy it.

Angeline's words on the cover sum it up: "It is an understatement that we LOVE music. It is woven into our DNA, been played in our ears from an early age and is a part of our everyday lives. Come to our home and you will see thousands of records, 45's and CD's. Music is who we are and binds us as a couple. In the spirit of love and sharing, we went through our collection and hand chose 28 (plus one bonus track) of our favorite love songs for your enjoyment. Sit back, enjoy and fall in love with these gems."



pnk said...

So much love bouncing around in this music... and so nice to see this very personal stuff making its way into your blog, D. Long may you run, pard'ner.

FD13NYC said...

Congrats on joining the married persons club. Another one bites the dust as they say. No seriously, I've been married to a great gal for many years. It's a miracle sometimes when us lugs find the right person. Nice mixed CD!

Gary said...

Beautiful mix. This bodes well for a long music-filled happy life together.

Anonymous said...

Great share ! Thanks for the compilation and for your commitment to the music.

Anonymous said...

Congrats - here's to a long and happy life together!