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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I featured all of my favorite Vibrations cuts relatively early on in the life of this website, but for some reason this amazing track almost fell through the cracks of oblivion.

Los Angeles' Vibrations were THE standout vocal group in the city of Angels, and by the tine they began recording for Okeh Records in 1964, the group became (in my opinion) THE greatest west coast soul group, which peaked with their 1968 double sided monster "Cause You're Mine / I Took An Overdose". Practically everything they cut for Okeh in the ensuing years is brilliant as well.

This side, recorded in Chicago, sees the group matched up with Windy City geniuses Carl Davis and Curtis Mayfield behind the mixing board, and future Vibrations releases bear an indelible Chicago soul stamp, mixed harmoniously with their west coast roots.

from 1965...


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