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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Here's an excellent mover from (what I believe) is a group from Texas (although I can't find ANY info about these guys- I'm speculating as Sure Shot was a Texas label).

What an incredible lead vocal performance! Stylistically, this song also sounds about two years ahead of its time. If you know any more info, please write!

from 1965...



ana-b said...

That's Don Robey's publishing company listed on the single. Co-writer 'Malone' is undoubtedly Deadric Malone, aka Don Robey.

This was one of his labels?

Paul said...

This is interesting. Recently, I listened to a couple of recordings from a British offshore radiostation in 1965, Radio London. It was a top 40-station and they played this song all the time, in the version of the Spencer Davis Group (with lead singer Steve Winwood). It's also available on their compilation album 'Eight gigs a week'.

Derek See said...

Thanks Ana!

Anonymous said...

According to www.globaldogproductions.info discography for Sure Shot, The Malibus released 4 records:

A Chance For You and Me / Strong Love
Sure Shot 5008 - 1965

I Had a Dream / Two at a Time
Sure Shot 5014 - 1966

Gee Baby (I Love You) / What's This Coming
Sure Shot 5028 - 1967

Summertime / Ten Times a Day
Sure Shot 5037 - 1967

Mystic Melvin said...

Many thanks for this, i used to own a copy many years ago.I sold some of my collection in the 70's and this was amongst them. it still sounds good.

Global Dog said...

This is Global Dog, yeah Sure-Shot was one of Don Robey's labels, along with Peacock and Duke. He also distributed the Scorpion label from Texas, I'm not sure it might have been his. Here is what I have in my database for The Malibus. I'm not sure if the White Whale "Malibus" are the same group but timewise might be. The Duke single almost has to be.

Country PAul said...

Sure Shot was a Duke-Peacock subsidiary. I only just found out about the Spencer Davis cover. Thanks for shining the spotlight on it again; I used to play it on the radio when it was new in the US.

Heart of the wood said...

The Malibus were part of the Bobby Bland Revue in the 60s, with Vi Campbell - all three acts recorded for Don Robey. The Malibu's last recording was Just Can't Stand It on Duke in 1970, so they lasted the course. From their publicity still on Bobby Bland gig posters, they're definitely NOT the same as the very white doo-wop outfit the Malibu's from Rhode Island.

Heart of the wood said...

(I'm a contributing author to a forthcoming book of early posters, hence my interest!)