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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here we have the debut single from the UK's greatest r&b group...The Pretty Things! This is a tough record to find (especially this US pressing) and it took me many years of patience to track it down (well worth the wait). As many times as I've heard this song, I still shake my head in disbelief at the intensity of the way these guys played. I can only imagine what their live shows were like in this era! These guys were ahead of their time in so many ways; longer hair than any other band and good golly did they keep it real.

I can't say enough positive words about these guys; whether it's the early r&b material or the psychedelic years. Hell; their 70's era hard rock isn't my cuppa tea but they sure did a fine job with it nonetheless. All hail the Pretties; a group that have never gotten the fame that was truly due.

from 1964...



Rockin' Jeff said...

You know the Stones and the Animals must have been totally jealous of these guys for being such bad-asses. Of course they'd never admit to it.

RichardSibello said...

Funny, my copy also has a drill hole right next to the label!

You think this one's hard to find? Try finding the US issue of "Talkin' About The Good Times" on Laurie!

Anonymous said...

I found it years ago, but, sadly, I sold it. Tom T.