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Friday, February 19, 2010


Here is perhaps one of the ultimate one-off records. Other than being a staple of collectors' want lists around the world for many years, no one seems to know ANYTHING about this group.

Vault records was located in Los Angeles, so it's safe to say this is an L.A area record. The song was written by Chester & Gary Pipkin who started out in doo wop groups and ended up becoming versatile composers throughout the 60's and beyond.

One thing that is certain is that this is one of the hottest 45's of the 60's; the band is cookin, and the female lead/ male backing vocals are uplifting to put it mildly. The low-fi recording only adds to the excitement (part of this may be some groove damage to my copy but with a record like this, no big deal. This is a record that I just wanna hear over and over again, LOUD.

STOP THE PRESS: I was just informed by someone that the vocals on this track are Brenda Holloway. It figures! Thanks, Jay.

from 1966...



YankeeBoy said...

Very cool record and apparently quite rare as well.

Anonymous said...

Great record. Now that you mention it, it does sound like Brenda H. Thanks for another brilliant post. W.

KL from NYC said...

Is "More Than A Friend" the other side? I've found that one and another girl group-type of single ("Should I Give My Love Tonight") on various UK Northern Soul blogs, all by The Wooden Nickels (but no label scans). "Should I Give My Love Tonight" has guys singing back-up and a similar female lead (with a lot of overdubs), so it might still be the same group.

Anonymous said...

Yes, KL. "Should I Give My Love Tonight" was also recorded by the Wooden Nickels. The Wooden Nickels were an act based in Los Angeles, California who also sung "Stoney Face" and 'Take My Love."