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Monday, July 12, 2010


As I was looking through my available files for today's selection (I am currently out on tour and have a cache of scans and MP3 files for posts. Thank you, laptops and wi-fi!), I realized that the legendary Billy Stewart has been VERY underrepresented on this blog.

While Billy's career met a tragic end in 1970 (auto accident while on tour) he was lucky in his lifetime in that he scored some crossover hits (well deserved) with his incredible vocal stylings.

Starting out in Bo Diddley's band while still a teen, Billy cut a few strange sides between '56-'57 and then was absent from recording for five years. This side was cut during his first session back at Chess records. An excellent song and performance that has one foot in the blues and another in the rapidly developing soul styles.

from 1963...



brianbrora said...

Nice one Derek. Your followers may be interested to know that there is a Billy Stewart post on my own blog. Best Regards, Brian.

wilfofhove said...

Phew! When i logged in earlier, got a message saying this blog had closed down. Almost wept. Life would not be the same without a daily dose of Derek. Huge relief to see you're still up and running. What a cracking Billy Stewart number! All good things, JWW

Jem said...

Oh my, I do enjoy the vocal stylings of Billy Stewart. I had not heard this one before. Great record Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A giant soul of a man. He passed on way too young. My favorite of his is Sitting in the Park but this one is top notch. Thanks for all your great posts.

Gerardo Guanti S. said...

I am a latin people, from Panamá, but I love the music of Billy Stewart and nead that someone send me the letter or liryc of "Sugar and Spice" because I undertand a litle. My e-mail is gguantis@hotmail.com

best regard