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Saturday, July 10, 2010


The two top reasons why so much modern music leaves me cold is a) the lack of creativity in songwriting and b) the use of devices like auto tune which completely strips the soul out of music by making it sound as if it were recorded by droids.

Take this record for example; full of dynamics and excitement and one fiendishly out of tune guitar. I dig it though; that discordant sound just adds to the overall power of the record!

Add this to other pitchy masterpieces such as the first Velvet Underground LP, Stooges Raw Power, and anything released by the Troggs.

Auto tune? Give me AUTO OUT OF TUNE any day if it means bringing excitement back to music.

from 1965...



Fast Film said...

Thanks for voicing this concern, shared by so few of us. It recalls one review of friends of mine, The Dogs, wherein the vocals were noted as occasionally being cringeworthy pitch-wise but quickly explained that this very quality was shared by some of the absolute titans of popular music like vocalists Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash, and thereby was welcomed overall.

pwr2thepeopleman said...

"don't you know you're tapping is driving me insane."
in addition to all you mentioned gotta love the lyrics to this also.

Anonymous said...

The out of tune guitar is courtesy of a young, pre-Led Zep Jimmy Page back in his session player days.

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent track...I definitely agree with you about AutoTune. Sad that some many folks are all into "Glee"....when all the songs are re-do's of older tracks just with new vocals (fully autotuned) and new instruments (mostly digital) which make them sound horrid.

Tolga said...


Tolga said...


Jem said...

This is amazing! I love the opening of this song. I'm listening to it right now and it is knocking me out. Thank You!!
I agree with your comments on the state of a large part of modern music. Heart and soul have left the building.

ooya said...

Wow this track is killer. Can anyone confirm Anonymous that this is really Jimmy Page on that guitar?