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Sunday, July 4, 2010


From the brilliant pen of Spooner Oldham and Dan Penn, I am proud to present this relatively forgotten gem that by all rights should have become a standard. This is one of those majestic songs that, to my ears, sounds as if it could have come from the air at any time and couldn't POSSIBLY have been written (if that makes any sense...)

Not sure if this is the same Vel Tones that recorded for Satellite (out of Memphis) in 1959 (then later cut a single for Stax as the Canes in 1967; A record that has been on my want list for many many years as a matter of fact. One of the hardest Stax singles to find!). It would make sense, as this sounds like it could easily be a Memphis record.

from 1966...



Perrata 2000 said...

love it!!!

Nick Rossi said...

Yes, this is the same group that had recorded as The Canes and The Veltones for Stax, although by the time of this single there had been some personnel changes. They are also the backing vocal group on 'Gee Whiz' by Carla Thomas. Goldwax was indeed another Memphis label.

Tom Diehl said...

I know this tune better as a B side by Steve Alaimo on Atco (B side of Denver), this version is very good too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,
As Nick said, this is the same group who recorded "Fool in Love" for Satellite in September, 1959 (actually ("second") Satellite first record, number 100). They also recorded an other side for Goldwax and two sides for Sun in 1958 that remained unissued until the 80s.
Otherwise, I can't find the single by The Canes neither on stax records site nor on The Complete Stax-Volt singles (1959-1968) box. Are you sure it was released on stax-volt ?

Anyway, keep on doing the good job.

Anonymous said...

After digging a little bit deeper into stax vault, I eventually found The Canes single("Why Should I Suffer With The Blues", stax 123).
It was actually recorded in early 1962. According to the Stax Singles box booklet, there is apparently no relation between The Canes and The Veltones and nobody, among the people interviewed for this booklet, seems to remember who used to belong to this band. Their name was provided by local DJ Dick "Cane" Cole.
(The booklet just makes guess about who was this group)

Jem said...

Good tune. Thank you! As usual, you assessment of this song is right on.