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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Fully psychedelicized by his trip(s) to and in San Francisco, here Eric Burdon tips his hat to those SF perennials name checked in the song (I will keep my opinion to myself about the Dead, but I will say that THIS song rocks harder and is way funkier than anything the name checked band ever noodled away at).

This gem was released only as the UK b-side to San Francisco Nights (warm San Francisco nights? They simply don't exist, Mr Burdon).

I know, I know- this post is far more cynical than usual for me but I truly love this fuzzed out jem of a jam (as well as most of the rest of the Animals catalog BEFORE this era).

from 1967...



Anonymous said...

I thought I'd heard all of their stuff - thanks.

If it's not too much trouble, could you change my link from 'Spread That Rhythm Around' to catchthattrainandtestify.blogspot.com (Catch That Train and Testify!) I've moved everything over now. Thanks - sorry for being a pest.) Marie

Anonymous said...

Never written here before, but I absolutely agree with every point you made save for the comment on the Animals song (only cuz I haven't heard it yet, so can't confirm or deny its greatness....)
C in California (Bay aArea, in fact!)

Jem said...

I really enjoyed this one. Thank you!

Rockin' Jeff said...

Amazing tune. I'm a huge Animals fan and have never actually heard this one. Thanks!