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Sunday, September 14, 2008


In keeping with the tradition of smooth sounds for Sundays, here we present the debut single from 21 year old Mr Al Green (still spelled "Greene" on this early release) and what a lovely song it is, taking a cue from the sounds of The Impressions, but with Al's unique (but still developing) voice making it unique.

from 1967...


Gyro1966 said...

hi Derek- I just found out about your blog and I love your taste. The links from earlier in September and before aren't available. is there any way that i can get a full download of all your old posts? These would all sound so great on my iPod! Thanks and keep up the good work. Check out Twilightzone! music blog if you get a chance.

Derek See said...

Anyone is welcome to email me (dereksdaily45@gmail.com) and I'll send whichever past tracks via email. Thanks for your kind words!