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Friday, September 12, 2008


So yesterday was the sublime, today is the ridiculous!

This song appeared on many 1970's Beatles bootleg LP's as a "long lost track" and my oh my does it ever sound like "Magical Mystery Tour" era John Lennon (perhaps if he had completely forgotten how to write a song?). I really do dig it though, and it took me a long time to find the 45 (the Beatle boot LP's that I have it on all have a badly botched edited version). Hell, even Yoko Ono applied for a copyright for the song when she discovered it among Lennon's possesions!

The real story is as follows; in 1969 Bee Gee Barry Gibb signed a duo known as Tin Tin (Steve Kipner and Steve Groves) to his production company. Their first session together was for their original track 'Have You Heard The Word?" In celebration, Gibb brought in a bottle of Johnny Walker and the boys got too blitzed to be serious, resulting in the vocals we hear here that were added to the backing track recorded pre-inebriation. All intended to ape the fab four, down to the hilarious spoken tag. The track was not intended for release, but made it out on a single in the UK and the US. word traveled fast that this was a secret Beatle release and VOILA a legend is born!

from 1970...



Stuart Shea said...

I wish the record weren't off-center. Mechanically, I mean, not artistically...

You can really hear Maurice Gibb's bass playing a mile away!


DJMICO said...

Hi there,
It is not Barry but definetely Maurice Gibb who gave an impersonation of John Lennon.

Michel Colemans, Belgium
(a longlife Beatles fan)