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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes, yes I know...I've featured ALOT of Gene Chandler on this here blog. I absolutely love the guy. I am very fascinated by his career (as well as all the folks he worked with, such as Curtis Mayfield, Carl Davis, etc) and always dig his choice of songs, writing, arrangements, and his vocalizations in this writers humble opinion are the epitome of soul. So I am happy to present, today, what is perhaps the ULTIMATE Gene Chandler 45 (took me a long time to get this one but it was well worth the wait). Maybe I'm just a bit partial to this one being a guitarist (the guitar is WAY up front on this one with great riffage following the vocals.) This was the final single Gene cut for Chicago's Constellation label, and what a brilliant run of records it was!

from 1966...

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