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Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'll use this post as a boost to my favorite record store (Rooky Ricardo's in San Francisco- I can't imagine that there is a better store for 45's ANYWHERE, not to mention the friendliest and funniest owner). When he first saw my want list, the first thing he said was "You'll never find "Fool, Fool, Fool"...I've NEVER even SEEN it!" And Dick has been collecting girl group and soul 45's since 1965! But thru the saved search function on ebay, lo and behold, a copy turned up recently. And it is SO good! I visited Rooky's yesterday (and of course found some more killer 45's) and brought it in to show Dick and he was very happy to see it and played it right away and was dancing around the store. yet another example of why 45's are cooler than any of us. By the way, this is Barbara Acklin's first 45, recorded in Chicago by the amazing production team of Brunswick records who also brought us the amazing hits by Gene Chandler, Jackie Wilson, Young Holt Unlimited and so many others.

from 1967...


Stuart Shea said...

Those are such great moments--when you find something you've been looking for forever! Congrats! Good record.

gotz said...

fantastic post