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Monday, September 1, 2008


A few things that ARE known about this one...The label was in Los Angeles, it was released in 1969, and it SMOKES the more familiar version by Bull & The Matadors- in fact, this is almost a completely different song!. There is no info whatsoever to be found out about the band and it looks like this was their only release. perhaps they operated under a different name???? If anyone knows more info about this amazing record, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write!

from 1969...



Anonymous said...

A massive track! Thanks for that! Another reminder of why this is my favorite music blog.

Here they are, sadly, at the bottom of the bill as an opening act for some AOR snoozefest in 1971:


Darcy said...

Thanks for this. This sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday - say by one of the ever increasing number of groups harking back to the golden days of soul and funk trying to recreate the sound and feel created by somebody like... Alice & The Soul Sensations!

Hey! I've just dropped into a Soul vortex - what a great way to go!

todd said...

This is so much better than the original, it's no laughing matter. Thanks lots.

Anonymous said...

hello this Alice Thomas niece Charmaine Cranford she is still around the band is located in Las Vegas Nevada they are all doing very well you can get a hold of Alice Thomas at phone number 1-702-639-6918

strandwolf said...

All well and good, quite jolly in fact. But nothing is said of the flip. Now I happen to be rather obsessed with the song, "I Found A Love". Seems that a song by that name resides on the obverse.Is it the Wilson Pickett/Etta James/oh gosh let me count the covers/ song???
If so, how's about a taste, good sir?